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 Fatal Forum Guidelines

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PostSubject: Fatal Forum Guidelines   Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:25 am

Reminders when posting:

1. When Posting, make sure that everyone can read it, can understand it, and be better after reading it.
2. Make sure that when you are saying/posting something make sure that it makes sense.
3. Please keep in mind that we are a growing community, so please be considerate of other forumer's.


1. Excessive use of the punctuation marks - this will just make a clutter in your post. not that it just make your post so over acting it's not good in the eyes of the other forumer.

2. Posting in All Caps - Posting in all caps is just like shouting. and typing in all caps is just for EMPHASIZING.

3. Spam Post / Nonsense Post - we all know what spamming means, so please keep in mind when posting that it has to make sense and connected to the topic of the Thread.

4. Flooding - This is just like spamming but he/she has posted the same content in the same thread succesively.

5. Obscene and Vulgar Post - Posting these will not only aggravate people who wish for a peaceful forums, but will also offend those who are children or minors in the forum.

6. Innappropriate names - As with the obscene and vulgar post rule, it applies also to the names too.

7. Flaming / Hate Post - if you have any conflict(s) between your fellow girls, don't use the forums as a medium for your catfight do it privately, because it will disrupt our community and it can cause a commotion.

8. Threathening any Member, Moderators, Admin - Making threats in making demands will not help you or your concern, either.

9. Improper sexual/racial/ethnic or violent posts - These will cause a misunderstanding between the community and the involved party; as such, these kind of topics is strictly prohibited.

10. Exploiting loopholes in rules - The rules are there for a reason, and by exploiting loopholes in rules will not help the community in any way.
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Fatal Forum Guidelines
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